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Our Mission:

To provide an opportunity for girls and young women to safely explore themselves, both individually and collectively, in order to become empowered women of the future. To honor and support girls during puberty and to create a new culture celebrating rites of passage. To educate and equip girls with tools to activate self-acceptance, using critical thinking and healthy decision making skills for their minds, bodies and spirits.

Our Inspiration:

Goddess Grrrl workshops were developed in response to the difficulty of growing up female in the United States. In contemporary culture, girls and women continue to experience alarming rates of emotional, physical and sexual abuse inside and outside of the home. Women and girls are also regularly inundated with unrealistic images of their bodies and what it means to be women in the media. Goddess Grrrl worskshops provide the tools and space for girls to create their own self defined ideas about womanhood. This non-profit has no religious affiliation and all girls are welcome.

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Oakland, California
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